Multistage Roots Vacuum Pump

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Multistage Roots Vacuum Pump        Multistage Roots Vacuum Pump

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Pfeiffer Vacuum Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH -
- Berliner Str. 43, 35614 Aßlar, Germany

email:, Tel. +49 (0)6441 802-0

Pfeiffer Vacuum is a vacuum technology world leader for more than 120 years: an important milestone was the invention of the turbopump in our company more than 50 years ago.
Our comprehensive range of solutions, products and services includes vacuum pumps, measurement and analysis equipment, up to complex vacuum systems.
products:   Multi-stage Roots Pumps

Small ACP-Roots pumps create, for example, the required fore-vacuum for turbopumps in particle accelerators.
Large ACP 120 with their high pumping speed and low final pressure are used in freeze-drying applications.
The A 100, A3P or A4 series dry pumps are used in large numbers as process pumps in the semiconductor and coating industry.

Nevertheless, all of these areas have one thing in common: they require a clean and dry vacuum. The technology of the multi-stage Roots pumps is the perfect solution here.

AERZENER Roots vacuum pumps AERZENER Maschinenfabrik GmbH -
- Reherweg 28, 31855 Aerzen, Germany

Stephan Brand, email:, Tel. +49 (5154) 81-0

Year of foundation: 1864, Employees: 830 at parent company, 300 in subsidiary companies (19 Subsidiary companies),
Blower production: approx. 8.500 per year
products:   High and medium vacuum roots pumps

roots pumps and screw compressors with preinlet cooling - volumic flow range: 180 - 97,000 m3/hr.
also with canned motors - volumic flow range 105 to 15,330 m3/hr
Pressure ranges down to 10E-5 mbar abs.

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