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- No.32, Sec. 2, Chang-Hsing Rd., Luzhu Township, Taoyuan County 338, Taiwan

email, Tel. +886-3-321-3030 ext.13
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Chuan Fan Electric Chuan Fan Electric Co., Ltd - www.chuanfan.com.tw
No.6-2 CingNian Road, Youth Industrial Park, YangMei, TaoYung 32661, Taiwan

Victor Hsieh, Overseas Sales, email, Tel. +886-3-4643788

With the concept of best service, high quality, fast delivery, and creativity, Chuan Fan Electric Co., Ltd., founded in 1972, has been professionally producing Side channel blowers, Centrifugal blowers, and multistage turbo blowers as well as all kind of blowers in mid or low pressure. From casting, processing, to motor making, up to 95% of the procedures are finished in our factory. We produce over thirty-six thousand sets of blowers every year. We also manufacture dust collectors and pressure exhaust fans for industrial use.
products:   Regenerative Blowers - Ring Blowers

Ruey Chaang blower Rietschle Thomas Taiwan Co., Ltd. (Ruey Chaang Blowers) - www.ring-blower.com.tw
- No. 13, Lane 70, Sec. 1, Chong Hwa Rd., Toochen City Taipei, 236, Taiwan

Tina Chang, email, Tel. +886-2-22995533#116

We are a professional manufacturer of side channel blower for over 15 years in Taiwan. To provide customers with high quality & competitive price is our principle all the way! Ruey Chaang blower really is a complete unit ready for immediate installation either as a vacuum or as a compressor.
products:   Side channel blower

The unit can be mounted in any position, horizontally or vertically. As its advantages are: Long life bearings, Low noise level, dual use of suction & discharge, oil free operation, TEFC (IP54) motor, standard F class insulation, etc.,
suitable for very wide field of application such as pneumatic conveying, bakery materials handling, paper feeding, socks knitting machine, plastic granule conveying, chemical plant, health application, furnace air supply, bottling plant, waste water treatment, metal treatment baths, etc.

RONTAI Ring blower Ron Tai Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd - www.blowertw.com.tw
- 64-2, Chiu-Sir Lane, Peitun Dist., Taichung Taiwan R.O.C

email, Tel. +886-4-2437-0038

Ron Tai Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd (mechanical factory) was founded in 1972 and joined the technical equipment field of air pressure and hydraulic pressure. In the year 1994, the company has established the motor factory and manufactures the professional IEC induction motors and oil pressure motors. More recently the company combines and develops between fluid and motor and then join the new blowers production line in 1998.
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- No. 66 Bengong Road, Gangshan Township (82059), Kaohsiung County, Taiwan

email,Tel. +886 (07)6226590

A Professional Taiwan Pump and Blower manufacturer in producing and marketing all kind of pumps, motors, blowers.
Established: Year 1976 ; Employees: 102 persons ;Capital: US$ 3 Million
President: Mr. Wan-Chi (ANDY) Chiu ; General Manager: Mr. Wan-Cheng (JERRY) Chiu
products:   Regenerative blowers

SHOWFOU RING BLOWERS, known also as REGENERATIVE BLOWER, are directly driven by TEFC IP54 Grade F insulation electric motors of Showfou's own make. As standard equipment, silencers are mounted on the discharge and suction side, thereby reducing noise level considerably. All blower and motor parts are cast aluminum and therefore highly resistant to corrosion. The ribs on the blower housing provide for good heat dissipation, further assisted by the air flow of the motor fan.

SHOWFOU RING BLOWERS are designed for the conveying of air as well as for generating pressure or vacuum. The use of the units for aggressive and toxic media, air of high humidity and medium temperature exceeding 40°C is subject to a detailed clarification. The conveying explosive gases are prohibited. If the medium to be conveyed contains solid particles or other pollutions, they are to be removed before entering the blower by installing a filter, or similar device on the suction side. An increase of the volumetric flow or the pressure may be achieved by connecting two blowers either in series or in parallel. If connected in series, the pressures are added whereas the volumetric flow remains the same. If connected in parallel, the volumetric flow rates are added whereas the pressure remains the same.

- No.15, Alley 3, Lane 391, Juangjing Rd., Taipei 110, Taiwan

email, Tel. +886-2-2758-6060(Rep)
products:   regenerative blowers

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